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I was still struggling to lose weight.I did lost a few kilograms at first and I was happy about it. But once I go from 95KG to 87KG, I hit a plateau.I kept exercising and eating healthy food. You can never imagine how much fruits and greens I consumed for months hoping to lose weight.I feel healthier day by day, but my weight remained stagnant!Slowly, it’s getting frustrating.Why in the world is that Exercising Regularly & Eating Healthy Doesn’t Work Anymore?So, I did my research & consulted with few weight-loss experts.And I get the same old, boring answers.Eat clean, exercise more, and stay in a caloric deficit every day.Then they started teaching me calories counting, which is very frustrating. I even remember that I had to carry my mini weighing scale everywhere I go for about a month. Nope. It doesn’t work because it’s too inconvenient!Not until one fine day that I stumbled upon a diet that was discovered back in 1924 for treating children with epilepsy…

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritous Balance?

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This diet will trick your body into a 24/7 burning machine by making it use your stored body fats as energy source instead of using carbs in your bloodstream.The good news is, this is completely safe, easy to follow and will shortcut your way for rapid weight-loss.

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I’m going to reveal to you the diet that will help you to turn your body into a 24/7 fat-burning machine so that you can even burn fat while you sleep! There is no way in the world you will find a better strategy for rapid fat loss… This scientifically proven & tested weight loss diet is THE REAL DEAL. Today, I’m going to share with you the Ultimate Diet that helped me to shed away my stubborn body fats, feeling healthier and happier. Now is the time for you to do the same.Your frustration ends here. 

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Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be

Tap into the best way to find a balance and eat your way into your ideal body! Get the best body that you want and get the balance that you want!


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Researches has been made that proves Ketogenic Diet can not only help
with rapid fat loss, but to treat other diseases such as Epilepsy,
High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and even Cancer! You get to reap all the health benefits of Ketogenic Diet as well as achieving your dream body. The time to transform your body is now!

My Approach

It is not getting you to starve and be hungry all the time so that you do not have the energy to do anything. it is about eating all the meat that you want and avoid the sugars and carbohydrates

My Process

Just like the NBA superstar Joel, he says it is a process, the Keto diet is a process and if you are piling up expectations on yourself, it is a good thing but you should expect it to be a process.

Unique Framework

This is a unique food framework which allows you lose huge amount of weight but at the same time you would have the energy to proceed.

I’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Methods For a Balanced Nutrition

Unrealistic targets and foods set you on the downwards spiral where you would not be wanting and motivated to carry on your diets. Fortunately, this method would allow you to get the balanced nutrition and then still balance your food 

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“I used to dream that only other girls can have the figure that I wanted. Now, I am getting the figure that I want! Healthy diet works!”

Brenda Ballast

“Amazing.It produces results so quickly and so fast.”

Mike Douglas

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Nowadays everybody appears to be looking for a healthy diet plan. Why? Lifestyles have altered as well as so have food habits because there is as well much of stress in our lives as an outcome of which. An increasing number of individuals have actually opted for fast...

Keto Diet in Taipei 27.08.2019

So, in Taipei, it is really tough to maintain a Keto diet. In fact for myself, I am finding it very hard to maintain as well. Going to this well-known place called wu lao gu in Taipei, the soup is not filled with a lot of MSG. We ordered a soup base with ginseng and...

My Book on Top KETO DIET 101

 So far, there are a lot of great benefits of the keto diet, but no negative effects have appeared yet at all; which makes it the delicious diet that fits everybody. Here are other health benefits of keto diet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does keto diet enhances fat loss?

It teaches your body to burn fats instead of muscles.

What is the only side effect of the diet?

It is a good side effect which you will find out in the book

How to improve your memory?

There are so many foods which would help you improve your memory

4 Ways Ketogenic Diet Destroy Cancer Cells?

Yes, Keto Diet kills Cancer Cells

Why You Should Switch From Paleo To Keto Diet?

Yes you should change the diet.

Need More Mental Focus? Eat This?

Yes. Eat this and you get more mental focus

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