So, in Taipei, it is really tough to maintain a Keto diet. In fact for myself, I am finding it very hard to maintain as well. Going to this well-known place called wu lao gu in Taipei, the soup is not filled with a lot of MSG. We ordered a soup base with ginseng and also the scallop paste. The scallop paste is awesome. The next dish is beef meat and pork meat. They also provide this ice-cream toufu which is awesome. However, it is easily broken if you do not wait for it to be ready for consumption. The concept is where the ice-cream toufu is required to be cooked in boilling water first for a few mins before you can start to eat it. I had pork and shrimp dumplings and also other types of dumplings which provided a lot of great proteins. There was also some seafood, like prawns and scallop. Check out the amazing other selections below: